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How to Make Love the Steve Spill Way

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In most magic books, it works out fine when every so often there's an inventive new routine. This book is different. 

FIRST, every idea that ever came to Steve Spill's mind during his 50 YEARS in comedy magic isn't here just because it seemed in some way original. The routines in this book are ALL KILLERS, NO FILLERS. 

SECOND, included in every routine is every word, joke, action, and gesture of his presentation. True, not every word, joke, action, and gesture will fit you like a glove, or fit every circumstance where you might perform. But how to make the routines in this book, or any book, truly yours, is revealed here in clear detail... That's the focus of this text. This book is not a catalogue of knuckle-busters - it's about making your magic you, adding comedy, and how to develop your own original material. 

Ten of the routines have never been published in any form ever before. There are two that have. The first is SHARP POINTY THINGS. Over the last decade, this effect has been a best-selling fifty-dollar single trick DVD, Confessions of a Needle Swallower. Added details about the routine are presented here for the first time. The second, CITRIC ACID, is Spill's classic routine for the LEMON TRICK, and was published a million years ago on a Doc Eason video. That presentation was only somewhat accurate, without essential elements that aid in the ease of handling or any of the pertinent thinking or logic behind its construction. NOW everything is exposed here, much of it now obtainable for the very first time. 

Here is a brief description of the other routines in the book: 

LIKE A VIRGIN: A borrowed Signed Bill to Impossible Location - using a stack of CDs - that was originally developed and performed for Richard Branson and guests at one of his exclusive events. 

THINGS OF UNIQUE BEAUTY: Everyone in the audience is let in on the secret except for the onstage volunteer in this bit about uniquely American items such as the Corn Dog, the Chia Pet, Snuggy, the Clapper, et cetera - in the end not only the onstage volunteer, but also the audience, is fooled - but in different ways. 

RED & BLUE: A half/dyed color-changing hank routine about Democrats and Republicans that equally makes fun of both donkeys and elephants during the various phases - ending with the conclusion that both parties are, "Cut from the same cloth." 

MODRERN FAMILY: A Soft Soap type routine - with G-strings, bikini underwear, and tighty-whiteys - that are soiled with lipstick kiss marks and handprints - that's a surefire recipe for magic that causes a stir in loins and laughter. 

LEAF ME ALONE: A Six Card repeat idea done with three leaves and a surprise ending that features a ton of audience participation which culminates in a big-promised-audience-response. 

ABRA CADAVERS: A You Do as I Do concept using toe tags and death certificates with a darkly humorous script and a surprise burst of flame at the finish. 

DING BELL DIE BOX: This ain't your grandpa's Die Box routine - but it does use a half-dozen of the kind of bells you see sitting on hotel check-in desks with a button on top, that you tap and there's a "ding" sound - that will assuredly keep your grandpa awake. 

FROZEN PONY: A spectator-to-spectator telepathic routine with variations including a banquet room ice sculpture, crystal ball, and decorative glass figurines. 

COPING WITH EDDIE: The only card trick in the book that's about a boy intimidated by a gently pranking tormentor - which he beats with a Triumph-type-effect. 

GO HIMBER FREE: The single most inquired-about routine in the book. Three finger rings are borrowed and linked. The chain of rings is in audience view at all times until it is clear each volunteer that loaned a ring gets a close look. No switches, no stooges, no Himber Ring. 

For those who haven't ordered yet, please be aware this book will improve your sex life dramatically. After only a few pages you will begin to feel intelligent, charming, and clever, then aroused, then funny. And after a few chapters, whatever personal or health problems you are experiencing will immediately vanish. 

Experience HOW TO MAKE LOVE THE STEVE SPILL WAY, personally autographed.

Limited quantity available. Hardcover 6 X 9 inches, 270 pages.